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Outline complete

Let's see, I spent eight hours today editing three documents, to include one that's taken me three hours just to attempt to fix the formatting errors another office introduced into a seventy-two page document. So, what do I do when I get home tonight?

Take a quick nap and then start editing my sekrit project outline, of course.

So, three hours later and a lot of red marks all over the pages, I've finished typing in all the edits I could think of and ran my initial spelling and grammar checks on the proposal. I think I'm ready for wishweaver to apply the Red Pen of Doom(pat.pend.) so she can catch all the niggily little things that I missed. Hopefully, after getting her edits back, I'll be ready to fire this off to the editor. It's still a little light, but I think 3792 words is close enough and I did go back in and add in another subplot just for fun.

Needless to say, I'm pretty much brain-dead right now. Yeah, I realize I only got to 540 new words rather than the thousand I had been hoping for, but the fact that I'm still coherent is probably fragile at best.

Words for Today

540 / 1000 words. 54%

Progress on tie-in outline/proposal

3792 / 4000 words. 95%

Words for 2008

63535 / 366000 words. 17%

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