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Expanding the pitch

The editor I pitched the sekrit tie-in project to wanted me to give her about a 4000 word outline to further refine what I had pitched earlier. Well, you might think that would be easy given my proclivity to overwrite anything and the fact that I had already written a 2295 word initial draft before editing the hell out of it down to a one-page pitch.

Unfortunately, you would be wrong.

I've spent about three hours working on this thing tonight and I've only added 957 words to it as well as probably pruning about 500 words from the original draft. See, that draft wasn't meant to see the light of day. It was more for me to save "good lines of dialog" that I had thought of when I was working on it as well as ramblings. I tightened the heck out of it when I cut it down to one page, so now I'm going back and forth between the initial draft and the one page draft to ensure I don't forget something as well as finding ways to expand the sub-plots that I've introduced going back to my sample first page.

Still how to expand it without boring the editor with details she may or may not need at this point. See, I was thinking a five to six page outline was probably too much, but now I've got nine pages and still am roughly 800 words short of what the editor was asking for. How far is too far down in the weeds to show I have a good handle on the story? How short of 4000 words can I be without annoying the editor? Because I need to add in one more paragraph that'll tie up one of my sub-plots that was barely mentioned in the pitch and then I think I'm about done and I don't foresee writing an 800 word paragraph. *Yikes!*

But those are questions to consider tomorrow. I'm done for this evening.

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Feb. 28th, 2008 02:06 pm (UTC)
Well, ya know.....I could always jump in to help. *biggrin* (Yes, I'm shameless...)
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