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Nothing like a wandering thread

Normally, a wandering thread is associated with a bulletin board, but in this case, it's probably the best way to describe what's going on with my latest work on the Chronicles of the Sea Dragon. I still know where I want this story to end, especially since it's designed to be the opening book of a trilogy. However, the twist I mentioned last evening has opened up a whole new can of worms that I need to deal with.

Yeah, I foresee this book is going to go way over the 100K that I anticipated it would be. Now, I figure I'll be back close to the 100K when I get done with the edits and rewrites, but it's going to take a little while to incorporate this new path the story's wandering down.

I don't think it's a rabbit trail. I define those as scenes that are "fun to write" but they don't really push the plot forward. Occasionally, they're not a bad thing since they give me a chance to do some character development, but they can be sacrificed if I feel it's dragging down the flow of the story. This is different. I've actually introduced something into the story that is going to change the dynamic of how the main characters deal with the antagonists as well as how they interact with each other from now on.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised. I really know the characters backward and forward, but I hadn't fleshed out the villains of this piece. OK, let me take that back. I've fleshed out the MAIN villain characters and know why they're doing what they're doing. However, there's also a religious war going on in the world of the Chronicles that is important also and I hadn't developed the second religion as much as I should have.

Still, I have to admit, this round of discovery has been interesting. Is it possible to humanize the antagonists too much?

My blog entry, "Buddy, do I have a deal for you", was also posted on the Writer Beware. Hope you enjoy it.

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