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Writing and Writing

Well, it was a slow day around Casa Blanca today. wishweaver is bit under the weather, which is never any fun, and she really needs to get started on some of her labs for class. So, I'll be living downstairs tomorrow doing the laundry. Hopefully, I'll be able to get a pretty good rhythm going between laundry and writing. I still have a 4000+ word cushion on my 1000 words a day for 2008 going, but I'd like to keep building up that cushion against being sick or visiting friends.

I have been trying to work on a blog entry for Writer Beware on what media tie-in writing is like and discussing work for hire. One thing I'm trying to do is contact some of the people I know who do tie-in writing to get some anecdotes (both good and bad), and this is taking a bit longer than I expected. I think it's a good subject for Writer Beware to discuss, but it's apparently going to be down the line.

However, I ran into something late last night that I think will make a very interesting entry. I worked on it today and then fired it off to Victoria to review. Hopefully, I'll hear from her tomorrow and then get it posted.

That's the way it works sometimes. Just like in journalism, sometimes you have to burn shoe leather to get a story and sometimes they just drop into your lap.

I still had time to get some personal writing done today also. I added another 1155 words to Chronicles of the Sea Dragon although the story did just take a certain twist that I hadn't seen coming. It'll be interesting to see what this does with the story. I guess I'll just run with it and work it out on the rewrite.

Ah, the wild life of a writer . . . *grin*

Words for Today

1823 / 1000 words. 182%

Progress on CSD: Dragon Couchant

71427 / 100000 words. 71%

Progress on Writer Beware blog

668 / 668 words. 100%

Words for 2008

58043 / 366000 words. 16%


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Feb. 24th, 2008 08:50 am (UTC)
Tie-in always sounds interesting...
...please post the link when the article is up!
( 1 howl — Howl with the Pack )

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