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Well, even with the kerfluffle going on about WEaT, and finding out that the Awards Committee apparently is going to let a video fan fiction story be considered for a Nebula, (which will certainly affect MY desire to remain part of SFWA - not that SFWA is that worried about keeping me), I still got my writing in tonight.

I added 1085 words to Steel on Target tonight. I would like to have gotten more done, but with the distractions, I'm happy I got this done.

Yeah, I'm going to be riled up about this for a while.

Words for Today

1085 / 1000 words. 109%

Progress on Steel on Target

24409 / 90000 words. 27%

Words for 2008

56220 / 366000 words. 15%
Tags: prowler, sfwa, tie-in writing, writing
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