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Distractions abound

Let's just say I didn't exactly get the writing done today that I had intended.

Still, it was a fun day. Spent some time with the family doing errands, did some work on a Writer Beware assignment (actually, put in about five pages of writing there, but I didn't count that in tonight's word count), and then got Xenosaga out and played for quite a while today. I finally figured out how to get past one of the parts that had stumped me and got off the doomed ship and onto another one.

One thing I've noticed about Xenosaga is the number of long cut scenes. It's almost been 1/2 movie, 1/2 game so far. I'm hoping the gaming will be a little more prominent now that we're finally going and the enemy has shown its face. I have Xenosaga II, but haven't picked up XSIII yet. I'm hoping the game will continue picking up speed from this point on.

I did get out Childhood's Tears tonight and I've hit 651 words tonight. However, I'm fading fast, so rather than staying up even later, I'm going to try and get some sleep before work tomorrow.

Words for Today

651 / 1000 words. 65%

Progress on Childhood's Tears

19040 / 90000 words. 21%

Words for 2008

53928 / 366000 words. 15%
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