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Progress of a sort

Since I stayed home today, I took advantage of the situation by doing my research for the tie-in project. Some of my original ideas I had to frag and others popped into my mind while I was reading some of the episode transcripts.

Sometimes, that's the joy of tie-in work. A show that only has been on the air for a few seasons doesn't have a lot of back story and you have a little more freedom when it comes time to develop stories and either "fill in the blanks" between stories or project out beyond where the story is now. However, when dealing with a long-running franchise, like say Star Trek, then there are a ton of things that have to be considered when developing the storyline . . . and I don't mean just what's been on screen. Series like Star Trek or Battletech have tons of novels and anthologies out there also that have to be considered. Trying to find an original take on the subject can be a tricky thing.

But when it works, it's a wonderful thing to watch come together.

So, tonight I sat down and started putting together my proposal. I know the initial proposal is going to be way long, but it's giving me the opportunity to work out all the kinks in my mind. Then it's a matter of trimming away the fat and presenting a nice clean proposal to the editor. I think I'm getting better at this proposal thing . . . the last four I've submitted have gotten to the second level and I'm two for four there. With a little bit of luck, I'll be three for five. *grin*

So, there were words tonight, 539 to be exact. Not quite the thousand I was hoping for today, but writing pitches is a tad more labor intensive than writing dialog and scenes. And, hey, words is words. *grin*

*** Personal note: Just went over 50,000 words for 2008. Already passed the halfway point to reach the total number of words written in 2007. Huzzah! ***

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