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Just another day . . .

Nothing really exciting happened today. Attended training all morning, arrived at the "hail and farewell" luncheon to find no seats and everyone finishing up their meal (so much for being "hailed" today). Read a users manual and worked on redesigning a web page.

That pretty much sums up my entire work day.


This evening was pretty good though. Watched some TV with the family, had a great dinner at the local noodle place and then came home and started writing. Added another 1124 words to Steel on Target. I think this new Chapter Five is going pretty well. I need to steal a few scenes from the old Chapter Five to give this one a little "punch", but I think they'll fit when the leader of our merry band has his confrontation with his personal antagonist within the unit.

So, it wasn't a great day, but it wasn't horrible either.

Just another day.

Words for Today

1124 / 1000 words. 112%

Progress on Steel on Target

22117 / 90000 words. 25%

Words for 2008

45341 / 366000 words. 12%

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  • 25 Jun 2012, 23:54
    Thanks! For some reason I was really sweating the LitCrit class. It wasn't easy by any stretch, but I think I made it harder on myself by overthinking stuff.

    Just one class this fall (schedule just…
  • 25 Jun 2012, 10:09
    Oh wow. Congrats on the A's!
  • 11 Mar 2012, 01:40
    I'm going to take a critique of Dracula based on one school of literary criticism (say, Neo-Marxist) and then deconstruct that critique using the focus of a different school of theory (say feminist,…
  • 7 Mar 2012, 07:54
    Not this year, alas. But I may well take you up on that next time :)
  • 7 Mar 2012, 01:55
    Well, if you want to fly over here, I can put you up at my place and get you a guest ticket. *grin* Might even try to get your opinion of my scotch collection.

    Airfare is on you, though.
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