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New toys and new writing

I've really enjoyed my new laptop, it's more powerful than most of the desktops I've owned since I started paying attention to things like computers. But, I've really never liked the keyboard. I don't know if it's just set at a bad angle or what, but I've had the worst luck with hitting the alt keys when I go to hit the space bar, sending my cursor scampering all over the page, typing in the middle of other words or dumping me out of programs all together.

But that changed tonight. I ordered the Cordless Wave keyboard from Logitech. OK, it's got more functions that I'll ever use, but the contours of the keyboard just seem perfect for my hands. I knocked out 1352 words tonight on Steel on Target and didn't have a jumpy cursor once. Oh sure, I'm still not a fast typist and I still make tyops all over the place, but I didn't have to waste a lot of time going back and redoing typing I'd already done and that seemed to help me keep my thoughts focused on the manuscript.

Yep, there's definite computer luff going on here with this new peripheral.


Words for tonight

1352 / 1000 words. 135%

Progress on Steel on Target

20993 / 90000 words. 23%

Words for 2008

44217 / 366000 words. 12%
Tags: computer luff, prowler, writing
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