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Busy, busy day


I had forgotten how many books we had in the library.

I didn't move ALL of them today. The contractor said his men will shift the movable bookshelves into the center of the room for us, but I did need to get all the general stuff up and moved, to include all the books on the two walls. They're going to take down the shelves and the old track shelving system and get rid of them (or use them or whatever they want to do with them) and then patch the nail holes paint the room.

I think I spent about five hours just hauling stuff from one room to another. Once it's done, I'll be hauling them books back into the room and just setting them in piles on the floor so they can paint the other room, but at least they're all boxed up now and easier to transport. Well, that is, except for the one box that has about 1/3 of my hardbacks. That one is still a bear to move, boxed or not.

wishweaver and the daughter-unit worked on getting her room ready while I was evac'ing the library. They got a big chunk done and while they were in there, they took the opportunity to weed through some of the daughter-unit's stuff. It's amazing some of the stuff she's hung on to over the years, but Wish managed to pry some of it from her. We hope to have her room ready to be painted next and that'll give me time to get the stuff out of the guest bedroom and back into the old library. Our room will probably be the last one painted. Well the master bathroom will probably be the last painted but that's because they're not ready to install the new vanity or shower yet.

dzyetoun came over to watch the game. We will not discuss the Super Bowl beyond the following statement - Good game, wrong team won.

As soon as the game was over, I turned off the TV, turned on the iTunes and got back to work on Chronicles. Finished Chapter 15 and got a good chunk of Chapter 16 done. Added 1732 words tonight and set up one of the pivotal events of the book (I hope). I have the distinct feeling I'm overwriting the story again. (100,000 words is a floating target . . . may not be what the first draft comes in at but hopefully the final will.)

Hopefully, I'll continue going over 1500 words this week so I don't lose ground this weekend. I'll be taking the laptop to Farpoint, but I don't know how much writing I'll get done there. We'll play it by ear.


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