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And some days, the bear gets you

I reviewed what I had written for Chapter Five of Steel on Target last week and I wasn't quite satisfied with it. It needed a bit more description and the ending was a tad too pat. So, going against my regular advice to myself, I decided this chapter could use a little editing.

Well, as many have noted, editing is a tad slower than writing. Still, I added 970 words and brought the chapter to a more satisfying close. I've set up Chapter Six pretty well, I think . . . although I'm beginning to have doubts. This is reading like a chapter that should be occurring much later in the book. I'm thinking I'm going to try writing a different Chapter Five tomorrow night and saving this chapter to set up the climax of the book. I'll need to steal a scene out of this one, but it'll be a small incision (the incident still needs to happen now).

I guess this is one of the drawbacks of pantsing. I'm much more comfortable with outlines and plots but I'm trying to write Steel on Target as the story comes to me. Unfortunately, it appears the ending came to me before the middle of the story. *sigh*

Back to the ol' drawing board.


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