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Partnerships are fun

Well, I was right. Work was fun today, but it looked like things were calming down when I left the morning part of my job. The afternoon was an orientation meeting for the new one. Long (2.5 hours) but highly useful.

Got together with April tonight on Skype and we went over the first portion of Chapter Seven on Shattered Mirror. I think she's got a good start on it and we went over a few places that seemed a little hurried. I know she's wanting to get things moving in this chapter, but I'm afraid she may have introduced something a little too quickly. Still she's got a point. With a YA story, we need to keep things moving. We agreed to re-look things and review it again next week.

I'm really enjoying using Skype to collaborate. It's nice to be able to have the story up on screen while we're talking back and forth. Also, we can make corrections/suggestions and send the files to each other in real time. I know there are other VoIP programs out there, but Skype certainly works for me.

Settled in to write, but I guess that long meeting took more out of me than I thought. I only managed to add 575 words to Childhood's Tears tonight. I could probably force myself to stay up a bit later, but both mind and body are wandering tonight, so I think I'll listen to them.

(Word meter seems to be down . . . will get fancy later)


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