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I love it when a plan comes together

It's been a good day. Sat down at work and roughed out a quick sketch of a new version of the web site I'm going to be running at work and everyone who looked at it seems to think it's going to work. Now, we haven't done all the CSS sheets (which I have never done before, so this will be a learning experience, believe me) and I've never used Dreamweaver before (I'm an "open notepad, type HTML" kind of webber, but they like the WYSIWYG stuff *sigh*), but nothing is impossible to learn.

Then tonight, I was busy doing some networking as well as Writer Beware stuff and realized I was coming up on 2300 hours and I hadn't written anything today. Well, that wasn't going to do. Fired up Word Perfect, opened up Childhood's Tears and 43 minutes later decided to wrap up with 1026 words, which is darn fast typing for me. Luckily, the two protagonists in this book, (hard to call a tomb robber and an assassin the heroes of the piece), play off each other well and their conversations just seem to flow naturally out of my head and onto the page. Sometimes I have to remember to stop and add in some descriptions because they banter back and forth well. Don't know how much will survive edits, but it's sure fun to write now.

Tomorrow is likely to be a hell-day at work though, *grrr*, so I better get some rest.

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