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It seemed like a simple task. We found a really cool vanity for the master bathroom. It was perfect dimension wise (our bathroom is very long and narrow) but it was in this god-awful shade of green. All we needed to know was, did it come in another color (preferably blue)? That's it, a simple question.

We must have spent close to an hour trying to flag down someone to help us in the store on Saturday but everyone was apparently way to busy to take money from me. So, we left and hit several other stores, but nobody had anything quite like what we were looking for. That meant, today, we were back there, but this time we stopped at the main desk and insisted they find someone to help us.

Then we heard the even better news . . .that particular vanity has been discontinued. The green one was the only one they had in stock.


So, we sat down with the sales clerk, looked through some catalogs, looked at a few vanities they had in the back and now we have a few more to choose from. We're going to contact our contractor to meet us out at the store and go over our options for the vanity and the new shower for the master bedroom.

If you saw wishweaver's blog, you've seen some of the changes to the house as far as painting goes. We're still hung up waiting for the guy to do the walk-out for our basement, but the contractor is trying to get ahead on some of the other sections of the house where he can. But, without being able to move stuff into the basement, it's going to be hard to clear out rooms for painting, flooring, carpeting, etc., and we really need the walk-out to move big stuff downstairs.


Anyway, we are making progress. I just have to keep reminding myself of that.

Speaking of making progress, the Chronicles of the Sea Dragon grew again tonight by 1139 words. I need to dig out my old outline because I think I'm way off where I was planning on going with this story. I'm pleased with what I have written, but I need to remember where I was going with Dragon Couchant, so I can set up Dragon Statent and Dragon Rampant, (the two follow-on novels).

But unfortunately, I'm out of weekend. Back to work tomorrow. Oh yeah!

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