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Sometimes, you don't know how lucky you are

I have to echo several of my friends blogs when I wish Robbie Greenberger the best as he's preparing to deal with leukemia. I've lost a couple of friends to this, but from what I understand, this is treatable and the fact that he's young and has a great family supporting him give me a lot of hope. I've never met Robbie personally, but I know Bob, his wife and his daughter and I know they've got to be going crazy at this time.

Let's keep him in your thoughts, LJ.

Bob's Blog Entry

On a more personal level, I did make it back to work today. *bronx cheer inserted here* The good part was it was slow and I was able to get a lot of personal stuff done. The bad part was several hours of the day were spent reading through white papers and control documents. Not exactly exciting stuff. Tomorrow, I have several meetings set up to go over what the new job is going to expect of me, which should help me get focused so I can start contributing.

I also got some work done this evening on Childhood's Tears. I finished Chapter Four and started Chapter Five, adding a player in the game that even I don't know who they are or who's side they're on yet. I love outlining, but I also love it when things start happening that I have no clue where it's going.

*cue spooky music*

Words for Today

1187 / 1000 words. 119%

Progress on Childhood's Tears

14046 / 90000 words. 16%

Words for 2008

27487 / 366000 words. 8%
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