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Well, I didn't get much done on Harbinger last night (read: nothing). However, I did get Coventry back from pre-pub! The poor lady I was dealing with had no idea what the hell to do with my manuscript. She's used to vetting professional papers, briefings, press releases, etc. that deal with the government agency my company contracts with. She'd never been asked to review a short story/novella before, much less a Star Trek one. I was divided between sympathy for the poor woman who was definitely out of her comfort zone and laughter because she was so obviously confused. However, I did save the e-mail from her saying I could go ahead without any revisions by them, so if someone comes back later and makes a fuss, I'm going to pull out that e-mail and point them at her.

wishweaver and I worked on the covers for Chronicles of the Sea Dragon last night though. We have everything roughed out. All we need to do now is head up to Kinkos, scan in all the covers and then shoot it over to the colorist. I've still got a cushion if I'm going to get this comic done by San Diego, but there's a lot less time than when I was going to get started.

The kidlet wasn't feeling well today, so I took off from work to keep an eye on her. I used the fact that she slept until 1130 to get some writing in on Harbinger to make up for what I missed last night. Between this morning and this evening, I added another 2758 words to the script. Might have gotten some more done, but she commandeered my computer to read Namir Dieter from the first comic to the latest strip (all 1052 strips). I'm pleased she's getting into a number of the things that I like. Heck, she'd rather listen to my Huey Lewis CDs than some of the stuff on the radio these days. We've trained her well ;).

I played with the City Designer 2 on the desktop while she was reading her strips. I think I need to spend some more time reading the instruction manuals. This particular version isn't as intuitive as the original was 10 years ago, but I've got a roughed-out map of Sagras today. It'll come in real handy when I need to keep things straight in my head when I'm describing this medieval-styled town.

I've noticed a number of the authors here on livejournal using the text counter bars that I snurtched a while ago. I can't speak for anyone else, but for me, that graphic representation of progress helps keep me coming back and wanting to finish this story (and get started on the next while this one is out making the rounds).

Current Harbinger status:
Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
62,649 / 125,000

Music listened to: Jethro Tull - Locomotive Breath

Web Site of note: Get Fuzzy. Being a reluctant cat owner, I probably get more enjoyment out of this strip than I should. I'm really enjoying the current story line with Satchel trying to create a comic. This strip hits entirely too close to home. :)

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