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It started out good.

Wow, I'm not sure what happened tonight.

I made it home psyched up because I just left my new assignment and it looks like it's going to be a blast. Not to mention one of the guys I'm working for is Stephen Lesnik, who's a friend of kradical and Bob Greenberger (two of my fellow Star Trek authors). It was nice getting to spend a little time talking about Star Trek, Doctor Who, SF/F conventions, photography and general stuff as well as getting up to speed on the new assignment.

Then, when I got home this evening, I was hit by a coughing jag that scared wishweaver pretty badly. I'm not quite sure what's wrong, but for some reason, occasionally, when I start coughing, I can't quit until I literally run out of breath. From what Wish tells me, I turn pretty red and sort of go into mini-convulsions (probably from lack of oxygen). Trust me, it's not fun.

Still, after this attack, I felt pretty good. Then around 8:30pm tonight, I started getting tired. I mean, I nearly fell asleep at Fidos while the daughter-unit was there. This is highly unusual for me. But, I decided to try and push on tonight to get my writing in.

It soon became obvious that this was a losing cause. I'm just not focused tonight. I did get 625 words for Steel on Target, but I fought for every one of them. I think I'm heading to bed.

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