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Not as much groove, but still fun

First off, the good news. They hired my replacement at work! Hopefully, we'll get this young lady trained up quickly and I'll be able to go full-time on the new job soon. Of course, I found out about this in a roundabout way, but who cares? It's a win-win all the way around. Huzzah!

Talk about a load off of my shoulders!

I had a great time working with April tonight on Shattered Mirror. Boy, did she have some serious edits on Chapter Six, but I like what she's done. When we talked last week, we said we wanted to pull some of the back story out of this chapter and save it for Chapters Eight/Nine and we also wanted to ensure both of our protagonists really shared the spotlight in this chapter. In my initial draft, one of them (the POV character) was pretty dominant and the other was hanging back. With April's rewrites, the POV character still has the lion's share of screen time but her partner makes her presence felt also.

I'm hoping I can get the chapter rewrites done on Friday/Saturday. We're getting together over President's Day for another face-to-face writing session and dinner at her place. (Sunday will still be a Chronicles day.)

Tonight, as with most Tuesdays, it took me a while to shift out of Shattered Mirror mode to start working on Childhood's Tears. Still, after a couple of false starts, I got started on Chapter Four, which is going to have a distinctly different feel than Chapter Three. In Chapter Three, I got to play Rowena off of one of the major baddies, who's very sophisticated, very educated and very evil. This chapter, we meet the other major opponent. However, unlike the first antagonist, this man only believes he's sophisticated and educated. Still, he is very evil also, just in different ways. *cue spooky music*

It's fun to watch characters develop their own sense of personality as the writing comes together.


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