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Writing Groove

Don't know what happened but the words just came this evening. I only worked on Childhood's Tears for an hour tonight, but I'm stopping here at the end of Chapter Three with 1475 words. I have the feeling I could probably keep going, but I have to get up early tomorrow, so against my better judgment, I'm calling it a night writing-wise here.

It's unusual for me to get into this type of groove. Normally, I ponder what I want to write, or I go back and play with a couple of paragraphs to make sure they're exactly what I want to say. However, tonight, I got to introduce one of the "nasty" characters in the story and his interaction with Rowena just flew off the keys onto the page. They just play off of each other so well. Even when they're playing nice, there's no doubt they do not like each other. They have a few other confrontations scheduled in this book and I'm so looking forward to them after tonight.

I was really worried at the first of the year whether I'd be able to make my goal for 1000 words a day. Looking back at the first 14 days, I'm averaging just shy of 1400 words a day and with a little luck, I could probably push that up to 1500 words a day. Still, I know there are going to be nights like last Friday where I just don't want to write or else conventions/visits/trips that are going to suck up time where I can't write. If I meet my goal of 1000 words a day by the end of the year, then I'll consider making my goals a little harder for 2009. No sense in pushing for X when I haven't proved I can do Y yet. (Bad writer, bad writer! No sabotaging your system.)

I have to be up early because we have delivery people who're supposed to be here between 7:30 and 8:00. Still, their actual window is between 7:30 and 12:00, but we're supposed to be their second delivery of the day, so we'll see what happens. At least, this delivery seems to be going smoothly. For some reason, J.C. Penny's is having problems getting the delivery of the family room furniture straight. We had to go back to Penny's and have a long talk with our salesman. He's going to get with the furniture delivery people on Wednesday and ensure the items are delivered on time. (When in doubt, don't go to customer service, go to the commissioned salesman who doesn't want to lose the sale. *grin*)

All right, enough rambling, White. Bed. Now.

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