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Frustration and accomplishment

Let's start with frustration.

Tomorrow is Friday. Usually, that's a good sign . . . end of the week, casual Friday, time to unwind. However, this Friday isn't likely to be relaxing at all. See, I'm supposed to move to my new project on Monday, but my current program manager is still insisting I can't leave until they have a replacement for me. I "thought" this was straightened out last week, but right now, I still don't know where to report to on the 14th. And, of course, my home team leader was out of the office today (she's trying to play referee between my current and future project leaders).


There will be a resolution to this one way or the other tomorrow. What it will be is still up in the air, but I'm getting really tired of getting jerked around like this.

Still, I managed to get some work done on my writing this evening. Steel on Target grew by 1769 words this evening as I took advantage of Joni's class time to get my writing in. I finished Chapter Four tonight, although I'm not 100% satisfied with the ending. I have the distinct feeling that things will be changed during the first re-write.

But, that's the rules. First Drafts are allowed to suck. Almost anything can be fixed during the re-writes, the goal is to get to "the end" first.


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