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I'm not certain what happened, but I woke up this morning and just felt like crap. Don't know, maybe there's something we're passing around in the family. Maybe it's the weird weather (cold, then warm, then cold, then warm again) that's upsetting my body. Whatever it is, I was just wiped out this morning, so I called in sick and then went back to bed. Slept in until 1345 today, even with the phone ringing every so often from solicitors and the workmen downstairs banging away.

Felt pretty good though when I woke up. Which is pretty much my SOP for illness. If I can sleep it off, I usually get over stuff a lot quicker than if I try to work through it. Call it my mutant healing ability if you will. Course, what I have to do is not sleep SO late that I can't go to sleep at a reasonable time later that night. Especially since I'm a night owl by nature anyway, so getting onto a late-night schedule is way too easy for me.

Took the daughter-unit out with me when she got home from school to get me some lunch and her a milkshake. We hit Arby's since they have Jamocha shakes (my favorite), and then stopped by Metro Coins so I could spend a little of my Christmas money I'd been saving on a couple of Morgan Dollars I'd had my eye on. I really enjoy visiting with Dave and Steve (the two brothers who own the store) and the daughter-unit picked up some inexpensive foreign coins. She was really impressed with the Australian 20 pence coin with the platypus on it. She's not really into "coins" like I am, but she likes the ones with animals on them - Canadian Timber Wolves, Chinese Pandas, etc. Hey, anytime she's into something I am, it's a blow for fathers of teen-age daughters everywhere. *grin*

wishweaver and I took her to Fidos tonight and enjoyed visiting with the other dog trainers and parents while the juniors got to spend some time working with the dogs. Course, next week should be extra fun for the daughter-unit since they're bringing in the new puppies to get them socialized, which is a highlight for the juniors every month. They have every type of dog from Pomeranians to Old English Mastiffs, but collies, irish setters, corgis and labrador retrievers seem to be the most common breeds. They had the most beautiful Standard Schnauzer there tonight along with three black standard poodles that nearly came waist-high on me. If only regular poodles were as calm and well behaved as their standard cousins. *sigh*

Managed to get some writing in this evening, adding 1201 words to Steel on Target. I also finished the first Battle Angel Alita manga series tonight with issue nine. Given where they left the story at, I'm going to have to start picking up Battle Angel Alita: Last Orders pretty darn soon. It's not a book for everyone - pretty graphic in the ol' violence department - but the story is very compelling and the art complements the story nicely.

But, now, bedtime so I can get to work tomorrow. (Like it or not. *sigh*)


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