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The calm before the storm

Well, I decided I'd rather hang around the house today and just goof off rather than going in to work. I'll have to spend some time this week making up for being lazy this weekend, but right now I'm not feeling too guilty. I guess you can tell that I'm ready to move on to the new position, eh? Still, I do need to update the Help Desk SOP, so I'll have to put in a few more hours at work this week.

I added another 1173 words to the Chronicles tonight and am moving into one of the major scenes in the book. If I do this right, it should set up all the events for the rest of the book. If I screw it up . . . well, let's not go there. I'll be doing and redoing Chapter 14 until it's right. *sigh*

So far, the schedule seems to be working well on getting stuff done in 2008. I'm making progress on Steel on Target and Chronicles and tomorrow night, I get started back on Childhood's Tears. I've added 5222 words to Steel and 2,179 words to Chronicles, putting me 1401 words ahead for the year. With any luck, I'll be able to build up a comfortable buffer so I won't have to worry about attending Farpoint in February.

Course, I don't have an invite to Farpoint and may not get one this year since they never responded to my request. It's weird. I get invites to Arisia, Lunacon, Marcon, etc., but to go to the local conventions is like pulling hen's teeth. Farpoint is pretty good about inviting me, Ravencon is not inviting me this year because I attended the first two (?!), and Shore Leave has never invited me as a guest. Only Balticon has invited me this year to be a panelist. I have no clue what's up with that, but considering I've been thinking about taking times off from conventions this year, it's probably for the best. I just hate not getting to spend time with friends and fellow writers - that's the drag about not going.



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