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Well, I didn't make it in to work today. wishweaver reminded me last night of an appointment we had at 11am. Hey, I admit to having a mind like a steel sieve . . . if it's not on the calendar on the refrigerator, I might as well never have been told. So, we made the appointment, went out for a nice lunch at my favorite Japanese restaurant here in town and then caught The Water Horse with dzeytoun. I admit, I was pleasantly surprised by the movie. I wasn't too sure about it from the previews, but it was definitely worth the price of a matinee ticket.

Came home and watched some TV with wishweaver and then settled in to work on Chronicles of the Sea Dragon. OK, I know some people think I'm a little anal when it comes to world building, but it paid off tonight. I had everything planned out for the next part of the story, but I thought I better check the calendar to see what the phases of the moons were for this evening. I was surprised to find out I was attempting to conduct a night raid with both moons full. Let's just say, it's not quite daylight out there, but it ain't dark, either. Changed the entire way I approached getting my marines into position to attack the enemy stronghold on the island.

Earlier, Wish gave me a hand straightening out something I was having a problem with on Steel on Target. I realized four chapters in that I hadn't been keeping track of all the vehicle designators, call signs or personnel I had been assigning to individual vehicles. Well, it's not that big a deal when you're only a few chapters in, but I could see it was going to be a problem once we reached Chapter Fourteen or so. So, now, I have everything I have referenced down on a piece of paper and will be typing it up on a spreadsheet for future reference. That is sometimes the problem with a cast of thousands. (Actually, the 3rd Squadron, 7th ACR is down to approximately 200 effective troopers, but I expect to thin that out before the book is finished.)

Added 1006 words to Chronicles tonight and I hope to equal or better that tomorrow.

I love picking on my characters *grin*

Besides, I wanted an excuse to show off the new avatar.

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