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Strategic planning

. . . is great in theory, but tactical planning is ultimately what wins out in the short term.

Yes, we did write this evening. No, we did not work on Shattered Mirror because I'm waiting for feedback from April before I begin revising Chapter Six. So, to build on the momentum of last night, I started in on Chapter Four for Steel on Target. 1506 words later, I realize I may be sending the poor cavalry squadron I'm writing about on a dangerous wild goose chase, but desperation and low supplies tend to bring out the foolhardiness in many a soldier's heart.

Besides, don't blame me. I was working on one scene and the S3,(Operations Officer for you non-military types), just popped onto the page and proposed this plan without any suggestions from me. I (the acting commander) just happened to agree that it was a good idea . . . not a smart idea, but a good idea . . . and now they're gearing up to go gallivanting off in a direction I hadn't foreseen.

Wow, this pantsing thing is a lot more tricky than I thought.

I'm going in to work for a while tomorrow to finish writing the updated SOP for the help desk. Probably won't be there as long as I'd initially planned, but it shouldn't take forever to get this finished off. I just figured on the weekend, I wouldn't be bothered very much with people calling wanting me to do X or Y for them so they wouldn't have to drive over to the building themselves.

But, I also have another reason for getting this SOP finished. I found out today that on Jan 14, I move to the new contract. Yep, it's time to put twenty months of a six-month "help desk" assignment behind me and get back to being tech writer. I'm looking forward to it, let me tell you.

*again spares LJ of any pictures of me doing the happy dance*

But, if I'm going to work, I need to get some sleep in tonight, so I'll let my poor cavalry troopers have the rest of the evening off to plan their upcoming raid.


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