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Work and Writing

Well, to say things are getting weird at work would be putting things politely.

I interviewed for a new position back in November after someone in my company approached me asking if I'd be interested. What? Give up the help desk? In a New York minute, bud. Still, my current program manager doesn't want to lose me (The lowest award fee the help desk has achieved since I started working there is a 96% - the client seems to like my work, what can I say?). So, for the past six weeks, they haven't picked anyone to be my replacement, which makes it really hard to train them to take over my position.

Well, I was cc'd on a few e-mails today where someone obviously thinks I'm going to the new contract on Monday, the 7th.

Wish someone had mentioned this to me. A few frantic phone calls later, I find out there's no "official" decision yet, but there's a high-level meeting going on tomorrow afternoon between the gaining project manager, my current project manager and my home team leader. Hopefully they'll figure out something and let me know what the hell I'm going to be doing on Monday and which client's office I'll be reporting too.

Ah, the whirlwind life of the contract tech writer.

On a more stable front, I got some writing in this evening on Steel on Target. Took me a little bit to get going (it was a slower point to give the characters a chance to breathe), but once the bullets started flying again, I could feel the words starting to just flow out and several pages just appeared as if by magic.

I don't think I've ever really noticed before but I do tend to really crank out the words when I'm describing the fighting scenes, which could be a very good thing since cavalry units tend to draw more OPFOR attention than is probably healthy for them. *grin*

Oh well. Work - stinks, writing - good. It all balances out.

Now, off to bed.


Words for Today

1560 / 1000 words. 156%

Progress on Steel on Target

8105 / 90000 words. 9%

Words for 2008

1560 / 365000 words. 0%


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Jan. 3rd, 2008 02:03 pm (UTC)
Can't you get enough tie-in and for hire writing gigs to just walk?

I must admit that I hope to hack the "technical" out of the "technical author" as soon as financially feasible. I've simply had enough of wrangling authoring tools and MS Word etc. But then, I'm already part time at my day job, so there's less income to replace.
Jan. 3rd, 2008 11:45 pm (UTC)
At this point and time in my life . . . no. Given the fact that I'm in the middle of remodeling my house and we do have a daughter I hope to help send to college (I expect her to contribute something whether summer work or scholarships or preferably both), I would have to be pulling in the work like kradical and I don't see that happening for a while. Hell, I don't have any contracted work for 2008 and there's no guarantee I'll get to pitch for anything in 2009, but I'm going to do what I can to rectify that.

Luckily, wishweaver and I have very good jobs and (normally) enjoy what we're doing.

My intermediate goal is to get enough work where I can go half-time at work. That keeps my insurance and my 401K intact but would still give me 20+ hours to concentrate on my writing. Now, if we were to move someplace less expensive, which is possible with Wish's job, then the concept of being a "full-time" writer might be more palitible.
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