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Renewed spirits

I think I may understand some of my writing doldrums this year. I sat down and realized that I have read damn few books this year. Oh, I'm keeping up with my favorite manga series and I've watched quite a few movies this year. However, I haven't really spent time reading, at least, not like I'm used to. Most of the reading I've been doing has been strictly non-fiction for either school or else researching things for my stories.

The trouble with that is, I haven't been recharging my muse by reading other fiction though.

Luckily, that's changed here lately. I've started spending a little time reading the past few weeks and I'm noticing I'm getting back into wanting to work on my own stuff. As I was mentioning to swan_tower, I've been enjoying her books and I've found myself wanting to tell some of the tales she hasn't gotten to yet. She's built a vibrant world to put her characters in and I know there's more stories hiding in the distance. I guess I can finally see why people enjoy fan-fiction so much.

(Yeah, yeah, I know I'm a tie-in writer - fan-fiction is different, trust me)

So, what's my point? Reading good fiction is making me want to write so I'm trying to divert that enthusiasm and energy back into my own work. Plus, reading good stuff is helping me raise the bar on my own work also. I guess the old dictum - "If you want to be a good writer, you have to be a good reader" - really does apply.

Speaking of which, I finished up Chapter Two for Childhood's Tears tonight, adding another 1226 words. So, through two chapters, we're at 6852 words for the story. Rather short chapters for me, but I have no doubt they'll be much changed by the time we're done with the rewrites down the road.

But now, it's time for all good writers to call it a night so they can get to their "real life" jobs in the morning. Night, everyone.

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