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I spent most of the evening editing a school paper for wishweaver, which is only fair considering she edited almost all of the papers I wrote when I was getting my English AA.

However . . .

I found the four-legged destructo-machines some people call cats had decided to pee in our downstairs powder room rather than their litter boxes. *sigh* Well, I started cleaning up the mess, but ran out of paper towels. I asked the daughter-unit to go downstairs and fetch a fresh roll, while I continued working on the mess.



"There's a big puddle of water in the basement!"


I rushed downstairs to see water leaking from the ceiling. Luckily, our contractor had left a tool box open and the water was dripping down into it. Of course, it had overflown into the basement floor, but I must have dumped a good four gallons of water into the trash barrel I took downstairs to replace it. So, while wishweaver helped me find stuff to clean up downstairs, I managed to get the water turned off. We traced the leak to the copper tube that takes water to the refrigerator. I'm not sure if something came loose or if a seal broke, but we'll either let the contractor or the plumber take a look at it later.

I got out our small wet vac and got up the worst of the water on the floor, but it wasn't meant for that kind of work. Rather than burn it out, I'm running a fan on the spot right now and hopefully between it and the dehumidifier, we'll get the worst of it up.

I'm a little worried about some of the framing for the drywall, because some of the 2x4s look pretty soaked through. Thank goodness they hadn't hung the drywall yet or they'd be yanking it out. Guess it's a good thing they're a little behind schedule.

Still, it could have been a lot worse.

Needless to say, between editing the paper and my adventures in plumbing, I got no writing done this evening.

*double sigh*


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Dec. 5th, 2007 05:46 am (UTC)
Ugh! I didn't understand the destructive power of water until.... let's just say, $4K worth of damage in 15 minutes. And thankfully, that was clean water overflowing from the toilet, rather than, um, not-so-clean water.

Here's hoping your damage (and resulting stress) is minimal!
Dec. 5th, 2007 05:53 am (UTC)
Yeah, I'll be very curious about the contractor's report on the damages to their work.
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