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More Writing, More Worldbuilding

I started working on adapting Childhood's Tears the other day when I realized I had lost the list of gods I had created years ago. Now, it wasn't that big a deal for the Chronicles because organized religion wasn't a major part of the story (or at least it hasn't been up to now). Still, I am setting up a competition between Rowena and one of the churches in finding ancient artifacts, so I needed to know who her opponents were.

I was able to spend several hours on Friday going through different web sites dedicated to ancient religions that weren't Greek, Egyptian or Norse to build my pantheon and think I have a good start. I may change up a few more of the names, but I've enjoyed reading about the different myths and legends. And, looking at these gods and goddesses, I came up with the story about how the continent sank, creating the hundreds of islands that my characters inhabit.

So, following up on zornhau's advice, I think I'll be writing this story, although I'm considering writing two versions, the actual events and then the legend that has survived 1500 years later. Both of which will have definite affects on both Childhood's Tears and Chronicles.

**rubs hands together gleefully plotting**

Still, I needed to finish the first chapter of Childhood's Tears, so I worked on it over the weekend. Given how I've completely blown my "goals" for 2007, I'm not going to bother posting any word counts yet. I'll take that back up in 2008. Still, I'm pretty happy with the chapter so far.

I've decided to set a schedule for myself though. I've got several projects going on, so I'm going to try and dedicate specific nights to specific stories. I want to work on Childhood's Tears, which I think would be a great introduction for Chronicles. I want to rewrite Harbinger and make it a stronger story and start resubmitting it and April and I want to finish Shattered Mirror as soon as possible. So, by dedicating specific times to work on specific stories, I should start seeing progress as we go along without getting bored with any one story.

Yeah, I know. Everyone says pick a story and write it, but given how many stories I have running around in my head, until one really grabs me and says "write me" (or until I get another pitch picked up for a tie-in which gives me a specific deadline), I think this is the best approach at this time.

Still, I have the first chapter for Childhood's Tears done. That's a step in the right direction. Maybe I can get several done before the end of the year.

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