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Review for The Sky's the Limit

I noted on kradical's blog that Sci-Fi Online has posted their review of The Sky's the Limit, giving it an 8 out of 10 rating.

Their specific quotes about Redshift pleased me:

Redshift by Richard C. White is a Pulaski story. Although it hung on a structure of the Enterprise being attacked, this is another character piece and will please fans of the Data/Pulaski problem. The story also has the added benefit of humanising the good doctor; I often felt that in the show she was portrayed as a one dimensional character, so it's nice to have some insight into what was going on in her head.

*insert goofy grin here*

Almost makes up for that abysmal football game today. Thank God I didn't pay to watch it or I might be writing this from the local hoosegow.
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