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World building in a developed world

A discussion with zornhau in my earlier thread has led to a very pleasant discovery. I apparently don't know my world as much as I thought I did.

Let me explain, no that would take too long, let me sum up.

I have been developing the world the Chronicles of the Sea Dragon is set in since 1980. Yes, long ago, it was a large map I used for my original Dungeons and Dragons campaigns back at Central Missouri State. And while the Chronicle is not a D&D story, I had developed this world to the point it was an old friend. Still, to adapt it for the comic book I initially intended Chronicles to be, I had to completely rebuild the entire world. My D&D campaign was definitely a land-based story and since Asheera and company were privateers, I needed lots of ocean and places for them to visit.

Therefore, I redesigned the map completely and then began placing the lands I most wanted to keep onto the newly developed islands. Not every country made the cut. Those specifically designed with races I was no longer going to be using had to be radically modified or else deleted completely. Between 1994, when I first pitched the idea for Chronicles of the Sea Dragon and today, I've continued to refine the world when I'm bored at work or else between writing projects.

I know these lands, but I've always been more familiar with the seas surrounding them, since that was where the comic and now the novels will primarily exist. But, now that I'm going to be moving Rowena to them, (thanks for everyone who voted, btw.), I'm going to need to refine each country's story to add in places for her to do her exploration.

zornhau suggested writing a history of the world as a small story in and of itself. Now, I had started doing that, but I was more interested in the fleets and such that Asheera might run into. Rowena doesn't care much about that. To her, a ship is how she gets from Point A to Point B and that's about it. So, I decided to start her out on the largest island in the archipelago and write up a bit of its history and find a place to put the ruins, ancient cities, tombs, etc. that she's going to be very interested in.

That's when it hit me. I had this huge archipelago that I knew was the remains of a huge continent that had sunk 519 years ago. What I had never sat down and thought up was . . . "What would cause a continent to sink?"

*insert sound of hand hitting forehead here*

And that's where it all came together. I haven't written it all down (still working on the island history), but I came up with the explanation why the continent sunk, who was involved, where it happened, why it happened, what were the consequences from it and why the "villains" of the Chronicles are doing what they're doing. Plus, I created two new groups who'll be maneuvering behind the scenes either helping or hindering both Asheera and Rowena (who probably will never meet unless both books get picked up for multi-book series). *insert wishful grin here*

It was wild. Once I started, I realized, I knew all this stuff all along. I just hadn't thought it through linearly. Everything had been discussed here and there in my notes, but once I started, it all fell into a logical and hopefully satisfying order.

Guess I know what I'll be writing about tomorrow. *grin*

Thanks, Zornhau. There's a bottle of scotch with your name on it somewhere.


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Nov. 20th, 2007 04:49 am (UTC)
Hi, just popping in to say thank you for adding me, and I like the way you think. ^_^
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