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A question for the blogosphere . . .

. . . or the six of you who actually read this ;)

As I mentioned a few entries ago, I've decided to keep the basic storyline and character I developed for the Abbadon Press shared world and do something with it. One reason is I really believe in the character and the story that I developed and since I already have the basic pitch and synopsis, might as well keep going. Plus, two, I'm an inherently lazy person and hate to see all this work go to waste.

However, since Rowena will not be living in the shared world, she needs one to occupy (and for me to put her in when I edit out all the Abbadon stuff). The question is, do I invest the time in creating a new world for her (with the associated maps, governments, money, calendars, etc. that I'm wont to do) or do I use the already created world of the Chronicles of the Sea Dragon that I've been honing since 1994 and have tons of backstories and personalities that probably won't make it into the Chronicle if I do sell the books.

Does this cause potential problems having two series set in the same universe?

Help me, LiveJournal, you're my only hope.

Well, not really, but I figure buttering you guys up can't hurt

Poll #1089224 New World or Used World

Should Rowena get her own world or use the World of the Chronicles?

Own World - Something new and unique to highlight her own unique character
The world of Chronicles of the Sea Dragon - Already developed with many backstories (a 600 island archipelago with two nearby continents)
Quit being lazy and make your own decision, slacker
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