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Chapter is ready to go/Breakdowns to follow

Well, I took a page from rkvincent's Theory of Chapter One creation and read through the chapter one more time, marked a few phrases that I thought I had done well and then closed the notebook and rewrote the chapter from scratch. Once I had done that, I went back to my notes to insert the few phrases I wanted to be sure were in the chapter and then edited it one more time.

I thought I had a pretty good chapter. Then wishweaver got ahold of it with herRed Pen of Doom. By the time I got it back last night, I was having problems reading what I had written through all the scribble marks, lines, and scratch-outs . . . which is a good thing. A lot of people owe Wish for taking the bullet for them before my prose (deathless or deadly . . . I'm never quite sure which) ever sees the light of day.

I slept on her corrections and then did the final rewrite this morning. Now, did I take all of her suggestions? Well . . . no, but that's because it's my story and my style of writing, not because she didn't have good suggestions. We just write with a different tone of voice sometimes. However, she did tighten up a few things and caught a few goofs I'd made for which I am very grateful. It's a lot of fun to be able to work on writing projects together. *grin*

Now, I just need to finish typing up the corrections I've red-lined in the Chapter Breakdowns and then we'll be mailing this off to the publisher this evening. Inshahalla.
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