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Wielding a Red Pen

Well, the weekend draws to a close with a finality of a prison door slamming behind me. However, I did get quite a bit accomplished. The 1500 word sample chapter is done as are the chapter breakdowns. Both have been edited a few times, things added, things deleted, things rearranged.

Still it's not quite ready yet.

I have tomorrow and Tuesday to make final cuts and decisions because it needs to go out before I go to bed on Tuesday. (It's due at the end of the month, but since we're four hours behind the U.K., I'd rather send it out Tuesday night than try to remember to mail it by 1300 on Wednesday. I always figure it's the end of "their" working day not the end of "ours" for deadlines.)

I'm pretty happy with what I have, but I want to sleep on it tonight and then give it a good scrubbing later. Yes, I'm nervous about this. I really have invested a lot of sweat and thought into making this a damn good story and I'm hoping this catches the publisher's eye. I'm thinking this could be my "bridge" between doing media tie-in work and original work since it'll mostly be my writing (even if it is work-for-hire).

Yes, I know good writing trumps good credits, but I'm thinking, a little of both can't hurt.


I didn't get much done on Saturday though, sigh. First, I took the daughter-unit to vision therapy, then we grabbed lunch en route to see Mike the Color Guy as wishweaver dubbed him in her blog entry. Then I had to run home to pick up various and sundry items to match paint chips against and then run back down to Beltsville. We snagged dinner early on the way back. It was probably a good thing also, since I started feeling poorly at dinner and took about a four-hour nap when we got home, effectively wiping out the rest of the evening.


However, we have picked out carpet and paint and the progress on the house continues apace. They're supposed to install the new deep sink next to the washer/dryer and then prep things for the new water heater we need. Once that's done, they'll finish off the storage area and then we wait for the inspectors to examine everything so far and then push on.

At least the electrician is almost done downstairs. All the recessed lights are in and it's darn bright down there just using 40 watt bulbs. Can't wait to see how it goes with the new lighting on the main floor.

Oh well. Time for bed. Have to been in at work AT 0700 tomorrow and Tuesday. Ick.

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