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Good Weekend

Well, it's been a great weekend here at Casa Blanca.

UCM won their homecoming game with Missouri Western, the University of Missouri (not my alma mater, but I did grow up about 12 miles from there) crushed the high-powered offense of Texas Tech 41-10 and by hook and by crook, the Chiefs slipped past the Oakland Raiders 12-10.

Also, we went back to the Maryland Renaissance Festival today. Got to see the two groups I really wanted to hear perform - Mediaeval Babes and Wolgemut. Also, watched a great Punch and Judy show, saw Shakespeare Scum deconstruct Henry the "V" and enjoyed watching the Fight School demonstrate broad sword, bastard sword, quarterstaff, transitional rapier, rapier and main-gauche, short sword and cased rapier (florentine style).

wishweaver picked up some nice faire garb for next year and I picked up a very nice wooden mug for use both there and when I'm working on my stories, as well as the two Mediaeval Babes CDs I hadn't bought yet. I'll be adding them into my iTunes Library tomorrow night.

Although, I will admit, going to the RenFest meant I blew off my writing for today (bad author, bad author), but I got quite a bit done yesterday and I'm three chapters from finishing the breakdowns. I'll try to make it up tomorrow night while the daughter-unit has her vision therapy. Then it's time to write the first chapter and start editing both.

So, have a good night, Live Journal.


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Oct. 22nd, 2007 11:32 am (UTC)
I'm envious! :) The Maryland RenFaire stands head and shoulders above the Massachusetts faire (King Richard's Faire). It has been several years since I've attended. Maybe next October.....
Oct. 22nd, 2007 12:13 pm (UTC)
I had the chance to go a couple of weekends back - somehow I missed the Mediaeval Babes perform, which in hindsight, is a bit "snarl"-inducing. The Shakespeare Scum were fairly entertaining with Henry V. I'm definitely going to put Fight School on the list for next year, as I've not seen them yet.
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