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Halfway Point

I've reached the halfway point in the chapter breakdowns.

I'm finally on a roll with the story* and I think I can finish the breakdowns by Friday, giving me Sat/Sun to clean them up and turn them into actual English instead of the long, rambling, and detail-heavy things they are now. Although I'll be keeping this version as I'm writing a lot of notes to myself in this version.

If I can be done with the CBs by Sunday, that gives me from the 22nd to the 31st to write the sample chapter. Since they only want 1500 words, they'll be getting the first half of the first chapter. Anyone who knows me knows I don't write chapters that short, but I have a natural break point in the first chapter, so it'll be a complete scene. No, it shouldn't take me 10 days to write 1500 words, but it will take me a while to write, edit, rewrite, edit and massage it into shape. I'd rather leave plenty of time to review the chapter and the CBs before I actually submit them.

Still, I feel like I've hit a milestone with this book and it's starting to feel like a real book now.


* - It's taken a bit to get "into" the story and feel where the natural breaks in the story are. Now, how close the story will stay to the CBs is anyone's guess. *grin* Stories do tend to wander a bit if left to their own devices.

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