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Follow-up on Chronicle Books

Chronicle Books responds to the Writer Beware blog entry

I note Chronicle Books is claiming they were misquoted in the Newsweek article. Granted, that's possible. It's also just as possible that the firestorm caught them off-guard and there's some serious backpedaling going on here.

Either way, it is good news, but as one of my former commanders-in-chief said, "Trust, but verify". Perhaps another unattributed military intelligence motto would be more appropriate, "In God We Trust. Everyone else we monitor." *grin*

This situation definitely bears more monitoring.

However, the following quote from the Chronicle representative, Joseph Ternes still gives me pause. "Just as from time to time our editors refer authors or artists to other trade houses, Blurb.com presents another option if they consider it an appropriate choice. "

So, they still think it's appropriate to forward books to a vanity press? Especially a vanity press that's as expensive as Blurb is, when there are many more presses out there that will print you book (not publish it) for a lot less money.

And I'm still against pushing people toward self-publishing or vanity publishing anything if they're still actively seeking a commerical publisher. As James MacDonald has pointed out several times over the years, a book that's publishable by one is publishable by many. So, if Chronicle doesn't want to publish your book, why give up after one rejection? And why is Chronicle so interested in where the book goes if they're not going to publish it?

I still believe my questions from the other day are appropriate, (minus the kickback ones).

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