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Not this time

Been a bad week at Casa Blanca writing-wise.

I just heard back about a short story anthology (probably the same one kradical and kvaadk blogged about earlier. My short story pitch was turned down by the editor also, alas. It's too bad, I think it would have been a fun little story to write. It was intended to be a light-hearted story, which isn't the direction I think this particular editor is taking the anthology. But then again, knowing he had 100 submissions for 17 slots, I have a feeling I'm in pretty good company in the rejection pile.

Also, I heard back from the UK publisher. He rejected my novel pitch for their shared-universe series although he gave me some great feedback and I can see exactly what he didn't like about the pitch. The good part is, I was given a second opportunity to pitch something to them by the 20th, so I damn sure am going to take them up on that. Keep your fingers crossed.

However, on a good note, the renovations of Casa Blanca are coming along rather nicely. So far, we have the new roof, new garage door, new garage side door, new front steps, refurbished chimney, improved landscaping and all the outside wood replaced/painted. The basement has been framed out into the new rooms and we're just waiting for the person to take away part of the dirt behind our house and install the walk-out doors for the basement and to pour the patio. After that, the electrician will be in to wire the basement as well as installing all the new lights, the new bay window for the dining room has been ordered and the new kitchen cabinets are on order. We still need to pick out the new bathroom fixtures, but we've got some time for that yet. Then the new carpeting and painting will begin.

By March 2008, we'll be living in a new house without actually moving. I'm projecting a second house-warming party in the April/May time frame. *whoo-hoo!*

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