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No, I haven't died . . .

Been busy writing, but not the kind of thing I can really post about. I've been working on a pitch for a British publisher who wants a synopsis, short (40-60 word) synopsis, and my cover letter for the project.

. . . and working on it.

. . . and working on it.

I know you can work something to death, but in the early versions, there was something missing. I knew what I wanted the tag line to be, (which I can share - "Indiana Jones's sister meets H.P. Lovecraft"), but the more I read my synopsis, the less satisfied I was with it. I had trimmed it and added to it and trimmed it down some more to meet the word count and I had a pretty good story.

But, it wasn't the story I wanted to tell. It just felt . . . flat.

Finally, today while going to Panera's with wishweaver, it finally came to me. It was a good story, but it didn't have the Spielberg effects going on. It was a good adventure story, but it wasn't Indiana Jones-ish enough. So, I thought back to what I loved about Raiders of the Lost Ark and The Last Crusade. Not specific scenes or lines, but just the whole ambiance and the "get your attention" action scenes and figured out where I could spice up my pitch to bring this forward and still stay within the dreaded word count.

But, after spending another six hours on it, I think I've got it. I need to brush up on the query letter again, but this sucker is about as good as it's going to get. Let it set a day, give it one last scrub on Thursday and off to the publisher.

Keep your fingers crossed.
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