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Dragon*Con blahs

Don't get me wrong, I love Dragon*Con and this has been a good year for my writing career with two stories that will be printed in the next six months and several opportunities looming on the horizon. I'm really trying to go to conventions to promote myself as a writer and move away from my dabbling as a small press comic publisher.

However, so far, it looks like I've got two panels, both for TrekTrak on Saturday morning, and one event (the Parsec Awards for Podcasting - I'm presenting the Anime podcast award).

For the entire show.

Now, I will admit, I was a tad overworked at NASFiC (18 panels/events). However Dragon*Con seems to have given me a guest pass for nothing. Apparently I'm NOT in the Anime track like last year (which is surprising since I received several e-mails from people who liked my panels), I'm NOT in the SF/F Literature track after volunteering to help out on the panels, I'm NOT in British SF Track after volunteering to help out (since I've just written my first Doctor Who story), and I haven't heard anything from the Writer's Track or the Comics Track, but I'm not getting warm fuzzies.

So, looks like I'll be watching the convention from the comfort of my 1/2 table in Artist's Alley in the Dealer's Room. I enjoy working the crowd when I'm in Artist's Alley, but I also enjoy being on panels (if nothing else it lets me get away from the table for a bit *grin*).

I'm really wondering why I'm going if they're not going to use me? If I hadn't just bought wishweaver's ticket to join us on Friday, I'd have to give serious thoughts to not burning the leave or the money for the hotel. If I don't have any panels in the Writer's Track when the schedule is posted, I'll be canceling my appearance.

2007 has been my worst year for conventions . . .ever.

Still, they haven't posted the final schedule . . .

*keeping fingers crossed*


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Aug. 24th, 2007 03:32 pm (UTC)
I hate doing it, but you have to bungee panel Dragon*Con, and you have to nag them about it.

Really. The only reason I'm on the Doctor Who in Other Media panel is because Keith insisted when he found out Steve Savile wasn't going to be able to make it. The SG track knows me now, so that helped. The track I'm actually under-used for is the one that has got me as a guest, TrekTrak. (All points considered, that's for the best.) And the Apocalyptic track only yesterday said they'd have me on a Jericho panel. I'm finally about 50/50 on panels as a pro and panels as a fan.

Bug 'em. Really. They are truly busy getting ready for the con right now, and will probably need prodding before you'll get an answer.
Aug. 24th, 2007 05:00 pm (UTC)
I tend to agree with you and am normally more sympathetic toward the track coordinators at Dragon*Con. I helped with a small SF con back in 1980 and am still somewhat tramatized - (the hotel we were in wanted us to set up the art show next to the pool - go figure how well that would have gone over) - and wouldn't wish track coordination at D*C on anyone.

It just really aggravates me that the BritTrack and the SFLit Track coordinators asked for volunteers and then after acknowledging my responses apparently forgot I existed.


Maybe I'm just in a funk because of work and I'm letting it flow over into other stuff like this. (I can definitely trace my lack of motivation lately to the stupidity level here since I got back from my week of leave in July.) I'll try to buzz some of the people again. If nothing else, maybe they'll need some "unannounced guests" on their panels.
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