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Progress - Day 2

April made it up today and we spent quite a bit of time today reviewing where we were with the story and where we wanted it to go. It's interesting, we've got different styles of writing, but I feel we're playing to each other's strengths when we work on this story. We went over where she was currently with the rewrite of Chapter Five and my initial beginning for Chapter Six. We established the time line for the chapter to ensure events in Chapter Five and Six work together.

I'll need to go back through the chapter and move some stuff around to work with the new time lines, but that's the joy of collaboration. I think it's going to be a stronger chapter for all the work we did on it though.

Also, April and dzeytoun spent some time working on Steel on Target with me and we went over an original story that April is working on.

I also added about fifty books to the Library Thing that I snurtched from klingonguy and michaelschuster. That's just about got all the books that are downstairs. Now, I need to grab the ol' CueCat and hit the library upstairs. Right now, we're logging wishweaver's books and mine together. In all honesty, it's all one big library anyway, since we share a lot of book interests in common.

So, no typing but lots of story- or book-related work today. Definitely fired up to get some work done tomorrow!
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