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Words on Page. Butt in Chair.

I've been inspired by the events of NASFiC and I've got a ton of great ideas running around in my head that I want to get down on paper. However, everyone's competing for writing time and I'm really having problems re-disciplining myself to concentrate on finishing up Dragon Couchant.

I need to finish polishing Lynx once again to try and submit the short story to a SF/F magazine when they reopen for submissions in a few months. After a few conversations with other writers, I really want to do something with Troubleshooters Inc., although whether to submit it as a series of short stories or write it all out as a novel, or both? Then, Cherry Blossom Path keeps raising it's head and giving me those big Anime kawaii eyes and asking for a little writing time . . . just a little. Plus, Steel on Target, my SF military story keeps wanting me to finish designing all the futuristic vehicles for my Armored Cavalry in Space story. And, Haven has risen like a damn vampire from it's crypt, reminding me that it was actually optioned out in Hollywood back in 1995 and why waste my time with those losers when I know I have a winner here with it.

We won't even get into the one-shot short story ideas I got at the convention.

Some authors talk about characters who don't behave. I have entire stories that don't behave. AARRGGHH!

Still, I did manage to put everyone back in the box tonight and work on Dragon Couchant. I may not work on DC every night during the rest of August, but I will try to work on something. Maybe I'll dabble a bit on the others and see what's going on. Maybe one of these stories is telling me that Couchant isn't the story I need to be working on now (although, I know the Chronicles of the Sea Dragon will be told eventually.

Once I finish this chapter, we'll see where the writing leads me.

I really don't care which story I'm working on, to tell the truth. I just want to get back into the habit of writing again. *sigh*

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