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Strapping on my running shoes

Well, the final Archon/NASFiC/TuckerCon schedule has been posted. NASFiC is in Collinsville IL (St. Louis, MO regional area) on August 2-5, 2007. I'm arriving Wednesday night and I'm thinking, looking at this schedule, that's a good idea.

I think someone has outkradicaled kradical. Obviously eating is optional and teleportation is being provided *grin*

DateTimeLocationPanel TitleOther Panelists
Thu 2:00pm GC - Marquette A The Godzilla Panel Daniel Kimmel (M),Michales Joy, Doug Ferguson, Christopher Becker
Thu 4:00pm GC - Ballroom D5 The Best Idea I Ever Sold Rick Wilber, Robert Reed, Rob Chilson, MaryJanice Davidson, Paula Helm Murray
Thu 5:00pm GC - Ballroom C3 Doing It with Style Gardner Dozois, William Fawcett, Selina Rosen, Gordon Van Gelder
Thu 6:00pm GC - Ballroom D4 Star Trek from Next Gen to Enterprise (and the films) Mike Cole, Daniel Kimmel, William R. Warren Jr., Sandra C. Morrese
Thu 11:00pm GC - Ballroom D4 101 Things to do with the Undead! Jacqueline Lichtenberg (M), Nick Pollotta, Cindy Appel, Selina Rosen, Susan Baugh, John Perkins
Fri 11:00am HI - Monroe Reading N/A
Fri 5:00pm HI - Ballroom B True Grit - Urban Fantasy Laurell K. Hamilton, Barbara Hambly, M.R. Sellars, Rae Morgan, Susan Sinor
Fri 6:00pm GC - Ballroom C3 Gods & Godmothers P.C. Hodgell, Lloyd Kropp, Marella Sands, Gene Wolfe, Sheila Finch, C.J. Mills
Fri 7:00pm GC - Ballroom D5 Collecting Anime Cels N/A
Sat 9:00am GC - Marquette A A Walk Around the Block Jim Yelton, Sharon Shinn, Mel Tatum, Mike Shepard Moscoe
Sat 10:00am HI - Ballroom A How to Create Unforgettable Characters Workshop Carol Berg, Joy Ward, Linnea Sinclair, Janni Lee Simner, Elizabeth Moon>
Sat 11:00am GC - Mississippian What's in Your Spellbook (2 hrs) jan howard finder (MC), Mark Tiedemann, William Fawcett, Elizabeth Barrette, Paula Helm Murray, David Hartwell
Sat 2:00pm HI - Ballroom B Modern Myths Lloyd Kropp, E.E. Knight, Laurell K. Hamilton, Barbara Hambly, Thomas Stratman
Sat 4:00pm GC - Ballroom D6 Anime - Creating New Genres Cynthia Ward
Sat 5:00pm HI - Exec 2 Kaffeklatch N/A
Sun 12:00pm GC - LaSalle Lobby Autographs Peter Bradley, Ryu Cope, H.G. Stratmann

I'm not quite certain what a few of these panels are going to be about and I hope they assign moderators in sufficient time for us to make some kinds of determinations, but looking at the guest list, I'm pretty stoked. I mean, I get to be on panels with Gene Wolfe, Barbara Hambly, Laura K. Hamilton, Elizabeth Moon, Gardner Dozois and Bill Fawcett. How cool is that!

Hopefully, I'll have some time to relax in there and also crash the Writer Beware panel on Sunday (I figure, since I'm a member of the Writer Beware Team, I might as well at least sit in as a rep.

Busy, busy weekend.


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Jul. 18th, 2007 03:24 pm (UTC)
Looks like you'll be busy. :)

Please pass on my "Hellos" to Selina Rosen and the Sinors (Brad and Susan) when your paths cross. All are nice folk!
Jul. 18th, 2007 03:31 pm (UTC)
Remind me never to tell a programming coordinator, "Sure, I'm up for most anything," again.

Still it should be fun.

Sorry we didn't get as much time to visit at Shore Leave as I would have liked. Catch you next time.
Jul. 19th, 2007 06:28 pm (UTC)
Oi, sounds like you're gonna need to pack energy bars....
But so cool! Eee!

Have loads and loads of fun, in between your hectic running from place to place, okay?
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