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Back to Work

Well, the rest of my vacation didn't exactly go according to any plans . . . much less mine.

Wednesday went pretty well. I wrote that morning and spent the evening visiting with my friend, Tee Morris. We discussed writing, family, and different types of beers. Tried a nice one called Tres Pistoles, a dark belgian ale . . . very tasty. I definitely recommend it.

Tee and I come at writing from different directions. He's written several novels (quite good ones, in my opinion) as well as writing for Wiley Press (Podcasting for Dummies and the follow-up coming soon). However, his publisher doesn't have the distribution to get him into a lot of stores. I've done a lot of work and had decent sales, but so far, I haven't had anything original published (all media tie-in work so far). We're like opposite sides of the same coin. Still, it's fun to talk about our different experiences and goals as writers.

Thursday was my birthday, so that was a no-writing day.

Friday started out pretty well. Until water got spilled on my laptop. *sigh* Here's hoping it's going to dry out and start working again. Right now, the b key is inoperative, the touch pad is shot and typing any other key starts the b key (typing continuous lines of b's, making it impossible to write, use the internet, etc.). I'm hoping it'll eventually dry out, because the shop wants $209 just to look at it (apparently spills aren't covered under the warranty) and if I have to replace the keyboard or the motherboard, it goes up exponentially. *double sigh* So for now, I'm using wishweaver's laptop and debating on whether its worth the effort to fix or simply replace mine. Bleah.

Saturday, we had a friend of my daughter's over and then Wish was out for a while, so I didn't get to leave for Shore Leave until about 10pm. Still got to visit with kradical, terri_osborne, bill_leisner, tiggeralyn, daytonward and a host of other Trek authors. Lots of good conversations and definitely not enough time to visit with everyone.

Sunday, we had mollymorrison, sorentenshi, and dzeytoun over to go see the Order of the Phoenix. Well, they got to see it. I kept my daughter company at the mall since she didn't want to see it and I'm not quite comfortable turning her loose in the mall for three hours on her own, quite yet. Yeah, I'm a nervous dad, so sue me.

So, not much writing done with all this going on. Still, I think the basic experiment went pretty well. I'm convinced if I were to get to a point where I'm working part-time and writing part-time, I could set up a schedule and stick to it fairly well.

We'll just have to see what the future holds.


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Jul. 17th, 2007 02:50 pm (UTC)
Sorry I missed you at Shore Leave--must have been on the wrong side of the bar. :)
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