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First day of leave

Well, got the daughter-unit to school and wishweaver and I headed to Mad City Coffee. She's a bit under the weather so she's home today from work. We grabbed something to drink while we waited and I picked up the intrepid notebook and began writing.

Sketched out nine chapters for The Silver March to take it to fifteen total, so far. Not quite certain I have enough conflict. External yes (enemy armies are moving, ambushes are being set, diplomats are conniving), but I think I need some more internal to the unit conflict. I think I need another powerful figure in the unit to provide a foil to my mercenary commander. I'm not certain whether it should be someone who's vying for the leadership of the unit or whether it should be someone who's foisted off on them by the noble they're working for. Luckily, this project is several down on the queue, so there's time to figure stuff out. (Listen to me, like there's anything in the "queue" officially. It's in the queue of stories I want to write, not stories under contract, of which, there are none currently.)

Also, while at Mad City, I worked up four more possible Doctor Who pitches for the 2009 Anthology. The editor pushed the deadline back, so even though I think I've sent in a pretty good pitch, I've got a few others here that might be fun to examine. However all four will require a bit of historical research. Oh, darn. (insert faux disappointment here).

I'm currently at Paneras and have just opened up Dragon Couchant. Time to get to work on day one of being a full-time writer.

Caje, Littlejohn, Kirby. Cover me, I'm goin' in.
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