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Edging ever closer . . .

Got all the feedback from my betas, talked a couple of points over on Coventry with kradical at Balticon and sat down this evening to make the next to last edits to my S.C.E. story. Now, the infamous pre-publication people get to hack on it. I give it to them tomorrow and they get 30 days to review it. Hopefully, it'll come back a lot sooner than that, but I'm not holding my breath.

Once I get it back from them, I have to incorporate their suggested changes and then off it'll go to my intrepid editor. I'm telling you, get your stock options for red-ink and pen makers in soon. This is as close to insider trading as you're going to get ;)

Found another cool web comic at Balticon, Namir Deiter, written and drawn by Isabel Marks. It's an story about four friends in high school and college and the triumphs and misfortunes that come from simply trying to deal with real life. Very clean art and an entertaining story so far. My daughter bought the first collection on Saturday at the show and we went back on Sunday to pick up the rest of the stuff she had for sale there.

(That's all I needed . . . two more web-comics to distract me from writing.)

Nothing to report on Harbinger tonight. However, now that Coventry is going away for a month, I'll be able to concentrate on getting another four or five chapters done before I get it back. Plus, I need to finish up the map of the City-State of Sagras for Harbinger.

<--- is definitely enjoying his new computer programs. City Designer 2 is a blast.

Music listened to: Dan Fogelberg - Phoenix

Web Site of Note: Namir Deiter. Check it out!

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