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Let's just say things are a little quiet at work. There are eight of us at work in an office that normally is staffed with about twenty-five. It seems that everyone took Thursday/Friday off with the 4th falling mid-week. Plus, a number of people from my company at the other building are out also. Even the dining facility was a piece of cake to get through, all things considered.

Now, that doesn't mean I had nothing to do, since the system decided to play with my mind today, acting up for no reason and then restoring itself without any outside assistance. Which is probably just as well, since there were damn few people available to work on them if I had needed assistance.

Personally, I think the system just likes screwing with my head.

So . . . even though it was quiet, there was just enough required activity that I couldn't sneak in any writing at work today. But, I did get some done this evening after we got back from wandering about the mall this evening. Had to go drool on some new laptops. Not that I'm in a hurry to get rid of this one, but eventually, even the good ones call it a career and I might as well have a player on deck, just in case.

O.K., let's stop the crappy baseball analogies and get to the word count.

Night, L.J.

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  • 25 Jun 2012, 23:54
    Thanks! For some reason I was really sweating the LitCrit class. It wasn't easy by any stretch, but I think I made it harder on myself by overthinking stuff.

    Just one class this fall (schedule just…
  • 25 Jun 2012, 10:09
    Oh wow. Congrats on the A's!
  • 11 Mar 2012, 01:40
    I'm going to take a critique of Dracula based on one school of literary criticism (say, Neo-Marxist) and then deconstruct that critique using the focus of a different school of theory (say feminist,…
  • 7 Mar 2012, 07:54
    Not this year, alas. But I may well take you up on that next time :)
  • 7 Mar 2012, 01:55
    Well, if you want to fly over here, I can put you up at my place and get you a guest ticket. *grin* Might even try to get your opinion of my scotch collection.

    Airfare is on you, though.
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