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Surviving the 4th

We had a mob over at our house yesterday. A well-mannered mob, but fitting 20 people into our house was an experience. It was a mixture of wishweaver's and my friends and their kids. I think most everyone had fun, but as the hosts, we didn't get a lot of time to talk to any one person. I'm thinking next year, since the 4th falls on Friday (thanks to leap year), we may split the party up and have half on Friday and half on Saturday. Or be sensible and run for the hills . . .

I spent most of the afternoon out over the Webber, grilling hamburgers, hot dogs and learning how to grill peaches and pineapples. We also had two different potato salads, five different types of chips, dips, vegetable plates, corn on the cob, baked beans, soda, tea, Crystal Lite, water, salad, cake, cream puffs and I'm certain I'm forgetting something. Anyone who left hungry yesterday deserves their stomach twangs. There was plenty to go around and plenty for everyone to take home.

My friend April came up early on Tuesday evening. We had a nice time just visiting and unstressing from work. Watched The Mask on DVD and I must admit, the movie has aged well. It was interesting watching a very young Jim Carrey and realizing the film "introduced Cameron Diaz".

The next morning, April, Wish and myself went over the latest chapter in Shattered Mirror. It was a bit of a departure since this chapter is told from another character's viewpoint to give some other people a chance for character development rather than the main two protagonists. I think it works though, since the one guy who has really no idea what's going on is the narrator for this chapter and we can see how someone deals with a situation that is completely unreal. I'm picking up writing the next chapter and April's set a pretty high bar for me, especially since she left the chapter on a cliffhanger.

Plus, there's another story I need to jot some notes down for later development. Something about a Mickey Spillane detective type teaming up with a very normal guy and they discover the mystery they've gotten sucked into involves murder, a missing heiress, a voodoo queen and zombies of famous criminals. Yeah, the dream got a little weird right before dawn on Tuesday morning. *grin*
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