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Serious word generation

Wow, I'm not sure what happened today, but I darn sure wish I could bottle it. Although I slept in this morning, once we got back from a damn fine Indian Buffet (*yum*), I slipped behind the computer and began writing.

Took some breaks to help wishweaver resetting up her computer and finding out it was doing the same darn thing again that it had been at the computer shop for twice already. Finally, we just wiped everything with the recovery disk and so far, so good. The intermittent re-booting seems to have stopped and she's been able to reload most of the stuff on her computer that she wants. Also helped out hauling laundry up from the basement to the upstairs bedrooms with the daughter-unit. But, for the most part I was able to just sit and write today.

I don't know if today is a personal high, but it's certainly close to being one of the high points for 2007. 2651 words were added to the Chronicles today as well as setting the basis for Act Two in this story. While I still envision Chronicles as a three book series (Dragon Couchant, Dragon Guardant and Dragon Rampant), the first book needs to be a complete stand-alone story by itself, just in case the other two don't get sold.

I like to think of it as the Star Wars method of writing trilogies. Star Wars - definite ending although there were some threads unresolved (rebels still fighting empire, Darth Vader surviving, etc.). Empire Strikes Back - everything goes to hell in a hand basket for the heroes and a definite cliff-hanger ending. (Much weeping and gnashing of teeth ensued when I realized there was no resolution and I "had" to come back for part three if I wanted to know what would happen to our intrepid crew. I cursed George Lucas's name greatly in the years between 2 and 3 (the real 2 and 3).) Return of the Jedi - threads resolved, guy gets the girl, bad guys dealt with and big finale to wrap everything up. (Much less taking Lucas's name in vain, although I think I'm one of the few people who liked the Ewoks - I recognized the tribe vs. civilization fight that has been fought since pre-Roman times.)

This is how I think trilogies should be done. Give me a good solid story with a satisfying conclusion in the first book and I'll eagerly seek out anything else using those characters in that world. Even if Brian Dailey hadn't put out Starfollowers of Coromonde, I loved Doomfarers of Coromonde. It didn't need the second book to make the first enjoyable, but having enjoyed the first book, it made the second book not only enjoyable, but comfortable . . . like coming home.

But, getting back to my stuff, I'm working to make Dragon Couchant a good stand-alone story, that just happens to tie into the next two books. Course, that presupposes that I get around to finishing it. *sigh*

Words for today
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2,651 / 1,000

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