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The Tour de France is pretty safe.

Drug the bikes out for a ride tonight. Let's just say, it's rather obvious that I haven't been on the bike for quite a while. Although it wasn't as bad as I was afraid it might be, certain regions of my body are tender right now. But, I think if I can get in a short ride every night, it'll get better.

Celebrated my father's 76th birthday on Thursday night via telephone. There are times I wish we lived a lot closer to family, but between wishweaver's job and mine, there are only so many places we can live. We could get a transfer to Tampa, which would put us about 40 miles from my folks or San Antonio, which would put us about 180 miles from her family but that's probably several years down the road after the daughter unit graduates HS.

Just caught an old episode of the Superfriends version of Teen Titans on Boomerang. Wow, some cartoons just do not age well. They were trying so hard to be "hip" with the way the kids talked and it just grates on my ears.

Got some more work done on Dragon Couchant tonight. Just about wrapped up Chapter 10 and am now ready to move forward into Act 2. My privateer crew seems to be surviving the board of inquiry but I don't think they've won many friends in the port. Now, it's time to bring the villains out of the shadows as well as adding in the newest member of the crew.

But, that'll wait for tomorrow.

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