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Slow evening

Just couldn't get started this evening.

Did knock out about 650 words on Dragon Couchant, but not quite certain how many of them I'm going to keep when I revisit this tomorrow night. For some reason, this chapter isn't going quite where I thought it would, and the confrontation between Asheera and an old nemesis isn't tense enough yet.

Still, I don't want to spend massive amounts of time working on this chapter. I'll try to tighten it up tomorrow night and then push on. I can always fix it in the first rewrite.

Also, been busy today trying to explain to a young writer that contacting an anime company with fifty pages of story ideas on how to "fix" how their anime ended and where they'd like to take the story with their novelizations was not quite the way to get started in the media tie-in racket.

I'm thinking I'm going to try and take what I posted on that other board and post it here (with some judicious editing) and hopefully kradical, terri_osborne, daytonward, tiggeralyn and the others will pitch in with comments and suggestions. There's a ton of knowledge out there regarding Media Tie-in work, if a person is willing to ask.

And remember, Media Tie-in work is not fan-fic. It has a very special set of rules that let you play in someone else's sandbox with their toys, and the license holder is not always very forgiving if you break them.
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